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Bad guy (2002) (Korean)

Monday, March 13, 2006 @ 6:52 PM

Bad guy is yet another one from Kim Ki Duk's controversial collection.

Han-ki (Jo Jae-hyeon), a boss of a red light district, accidentally meets a beautiful female college student (Seo Won) on the street one day. Intrigued, he stares at her, but she coldly stares back. Han-ki then forces the girl to kiss him, much to her disgust. After the kiss he keeps stalking, eventually kidnaps her and forces her into prostitution in his own red light district.

As you might've guessed, 'Bad guy' is not your usual drama, but sets another undertone to controversial. Kim Ki Duk uses the force of mute characters and shows once again that he boldly goes way beyond where no director dares to go.

"Bad guy" stars both Jo Jae-hyeon the brutal dogkiller from Address Unknown and Seo Won, together since the 1999 release of The isle and both put down a stunning performance.

Apart from their performance, it's Kim ki duk's power that sizzles allover the screen. This amazing director really nows how to grab the audience and pull them into his magical world.

genre: Drama
score 7 out of 10 stars

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