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Address Unknown (2001) (Korean)

Wednesday, March 01, 2006 @ 9:21 PM

A movie that leaves you with a bitter sweet flavour and definately NOT a movie for doglovers ...I repeat...NOT A MOVIE FOR DOGLOVERS.

The story tells us about a few people of the village Pyongtaek in the early 70's. A mother has had a relation with one of the American soldiers from a American base, that's situated next to the village, and has had a son Chang-Guk from that relationship. She keeps sending the soldier letters, but they are returned unopened. Even tho she is an emotional wreck she is having an affair with the gruesome dogkiller in the village. Chang-Guk is very annoyed by his mothers behaviour which have some gruesome consequences.

This is just one of the storylines in the once again greatly filmed flick by Kim-ki-duk (Spring, summer, autumn.... / 3-iron ). Another part of the movie shows us the relation between a American soldier and a girl who has lost sight in one of her eyes, and small stories the evolve around the 2 large stories.

I must say Kim-ki-duk has portrayed the violence towards dogs very good in this movie and sometimes even a bit too much. I can't really tell real from fake, but it gives ya a bad taste in the mouth after seeing some of the scenes. The substories don't really add into the main storyline, but still gives the characters a deeper perspective and background and how they are connected to each other.

Still all together it's another great movie by the korean king of filmmakers Kim-Ki-Duk but still not good enough opposite of his other flicks like Spring, summer, autumn.... or 3-iron.

genre: Drama
score 6 out of 10 stars

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